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C-Type Schengen Visa

Where to apply?

You can apply at the Polish Office in Taipei (TWTC/ITB Suite 1601-1602, No. 333, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd., Taipei, 110).

Do I have to apply in person?

Visa application form must be submitted in person. Diplomatic mission does not accept application forms sent via fax, regular mail or e-mail.


How to book an appointment?

In order to apply for a visa, please book your appointment via the e-konsulat system.



What documents do I need to submit?


  1. A visa application form filled via the e-konsulat system, printed and signed.
  2. A 3.5 x 4.5 cm colour photo. The photo must be:
    1. sharp, taken against white background and printed on a quality paper,
    2. newer than 6 months,
    3. taken en face, clearly showing the eyes and face from both sides from the top of the head to the top of the shoulders with the face covering 70-80% of the photo. The photo must be taken without any headwear.
  3. Passport issued within last ten years, valid for at least three months from the expected return date, with at least two blank pages for visas. If you have another valid passport, you should attach it to the visa application form.
  4. A copy of the passport page with personal data and a photo.
  5. Healthcare insurance valid across all countries of the Schengen area for the amount not lower than EUR 30,000. If you apply for a multiple-entry visa, it should cover the date of the first entry.
    Information of the Minister of Foreign Affairs about the insurers and the insurances that they offer, which meet the necessary conditions referred to in Article 25 (1) (2) (a) and Article 25 (1b) of the Act of 12 December 2013 on Foreigners is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  6. Copy of an ID document to confirm residence within the consular district of your application.
  7. Proof that you have enough means of subsistence in the form decided by the mission:
    1. A valid bank account statement issued by your bank,
    2. A valid credit card with a certificate of means available,
    3. A valid income certificate from your employer for the last three months,
    4. Traveller's checques issued to the visa applicant – an original and a copy.
  8. A proof of accommodation (for example, an official invitation or a hotel booking or reservation).
  9. A document to confirm the purpose and the conditions of your planned stay in Poland.


Additionally, when applying for a visa for a minor you should present:

  • Written consent of the child’s parent(s) to apply for a visa, confirmed by a notary. If there is only one guardian, it should be proved by a birth certificate, a court decision on exclusive parental custody or a death certificate of the other parent.
  • Originals and copies of parents' passports.
  • Original and a copy of a birth certificate.

If a child is entered in their parent's or a legal guardian’s passport, please submit a separate visa application. The visa will be pasted into the parent's or the legal guardian's passport.


Please note:

  • You must apply for a visa in a consular office or the embassy’s consular department in the consular district of your place of residence.
  • Usually, the above documents are enough to receive a visa, however, the consul may require additional documents.
  • Apply for a visa not earlier than six months before your planned journey.
  • The consul may, but does not have to, invite the applicant for an interview.
  • You may be banned from entering any of the Schengen States if you present forged documents or provide false information.

Receiving the visa does not guarantee that you will enter the Schengen area - the final decision is always made by the authorities of the country where you intend to cross the Schengen area border.   

How much does it cost?

The cost of applying for a visa is 3106 NTD. Payment is made in cash at the time of application.

The visa application fee is non-returnable, whatever the consul's decision.




There is no consular fee required for accepting and processing a visa application from:

  • a family member of a citizen of the European Union within the meaning of art. 2 point 4 in connection with point 3 of the Act of 14 July 2006 on the entry into the territory of the Republic of Poland, residence and departure from this territory of citizens of the European Union Member States and their family members (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 293)
  • the spouse of a Polish citizen, his minor direct descendant or his spouse's minor direct descendant, his spouse's direct ascendant or direct ascendant, if the ascendant or descendant is dependent on the Polish citizen or his spouse
What is the waiting time?

The consul will make the decision on the visa within 15 calendar days. Exceptionally, the time to make the decision can be extended up to 30 or 60 days.  

How to collect the documents?

The decision can be picked up on Wednesdays and Fridays between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., after prior confirmation that the documents are ready for the collection.

How to appeal?

If you do not agree with the consul's decision, you may ask to have your visa application re-considered. You must apply for the reconsideration in the office that issued the decision within 14 days of its delivery. 

You have to book your appointment to apply for a visa via the e-konsulat system.





The application fee in this case is 3106 TWD.

Revocation or annulment of Schengen visa

If you have received a decision to revoke or annul your Schengen visa that you do not agree with, you have the right to ask for a reconsideration. However, if you have applied yourself for your Schengen visa to be revoked and the consul has agreed, you are not entitled to appeal.

You should apply for reconsideration within 14 days of receiving the decision to annul or revoke your Schengen visa at the consular post that issued the decision. You have to book your appointment to apply for a visa via the e-konsulat system.

If you apply for reconsideration after your Schengen visa was revoked or annulled, you do not have to pay the consular fee.

Complaint about refusal to issue Schengen visa, decision to revoke or annul Schengen visa and the consul's activities in this respect.

If the consul who examines your reconsideration request, issues a new decision to refuse, annul or revoke your visa, which you do not agree with, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw. The complaint should be forwarded through the consul who made the decision, within 30 days of receiving the decision taken as a result of the re-examination.

You do not pay a consular fee for submitting a complaint to the consul, but you have to pay fees for proceedings before administrative courts. Therefore, you have to note that the court will ask you to pay the court fee. More information on the amount of court fees when appealing with the administrative court, possibility to apply for an exemption from the costs and the language of the procedure, is available at:


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