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Study in Poland

Why study in Poland

About Poland

From the towering Tatra Mountains to the wild Baltic Sea, Poland offers a diverse range of attractions. Its vibrant cities showcase rich heritage, delectable cuisine, and stunning architecture. Whether you're a beach lover, hiker, or urban explorer, Poland has something for everyone. Each city has its own unique story, inviting you to immerse yourself in enchanting neighborhoods, modern centers, and bustling streets. Embark on a fantastic city break and let Poland captivate you with its charm.

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Poland is home to a vast educational landscape, with over 1.2 million students enrolled in nearly 380 universities. What's truly remarkable is that many programs are available in both Polish and English, and the country offers degrees and courses in numerous other languages as well. From colleges dedicated to arts and faculties focused on humanities to universities specializing in technology, each institution is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and cutting-edge supercomputers.



Study in the heart of Europe and open doors to the finest companies not just in Europe, but across the globe. Poland offers numerous advantages, including medical schools accredited in the US and access to European Union study programs, internships, and traineeships while studying here. With high-caliber degrees recognized worldwide, few places can launch your career as promisingly as Poland. Additionally, Poland's advantageous geographical location provides excellent transportation connections to the entire European Union, placing endless opportunities within your reach.



Experience the vibrant tapestry of cultures in Poland's diverse cities. Choose from the European Capital of Culture, Wrocław, the artistic haven of Kraków, the trendy atmosphere of Warsaw, the multicultural vibes of Lublin, the academic charm of Poznań, or the coastal beauty of Gdańsk. Each city offers something for everyone, whether it's student-friendly pubs, vegan eateries, or art galleries. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere at Warsaw's Palace of Culture, explore the historic Wawel Castle in Kraków, or enjoy winter activities like skiing in the Tatra Mountains or sailing in the Masurian Lake District.



Dreaming of studying abroad and gaining independence, but concerned about the cost? Look no further than Poland, an ideal destination for students on a tight budget. With dormitories starting at just €110 per month, cinema tickets priced as low as €3, and affordable cafeteria lunches from €6, it's no wonder that Warsaw was ranked as the most budget-friendly European student city in the 2016 QS Best Student Cities index. 



Embarking on a journey of studying in Poland is merely the first step. For those aspiring to start their own business or secure a remarkable position in an international company, an extended stay in Poland holds numerous advantages. Foreign companies operating within the country often favor graduates from Polish universities. Take advantage of resources like the Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości (Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship) and the Technology Parks, which provide valuable support and guidance for budding entrepreneurs. Moreover, the Warsaw Innovation Week serves as a dynamic platform for startups to capture the attention of foreign investors, further fueling their growth potential. Embrace the possibilities and let Poland propel your ambitions to new heights. 

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Study Polish

Unleash the Power of Polish

Personal and Cultural Enrichment: Dive into Poland's rich history, art, and traditions, connecting with its people on a deeper level and exploring its breathtaking attractions.

Career Opportunities: Enhance your employability in Poland and with Polish companies, gaining a competitive edge in sectors like business, tourism, translation, and teaching.

Academic Pursuits: Access original source material, engage with Polish scholars, and delve into the captivating world of Polish history, literature, and related fields.


Check out courses at some of the best Polish universitites:

- Jagiellonian University

- Warsaw University (Polonicum)

- University of Silesia in Katowice


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Further Resources:

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Life in Poland

Cost of Living

Moving to a new place can be a challenge. Here are some details about the cost of living you can expect:

Dział Edukacji koszty życia (EUR)  Education - cost of living (NTD)

Visa and Immigration

The process of applying for a visa for Taiwanese students. Click here

Student visa requirements, including necessary documentation and application fees (D-Type national visa).