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The Working Holiday Programme

About the Programme

The annual limit for young people (18-31 years, both inclusive) is 200 per calendar year. A maximum period of stay allowed for a participant of the Programme is 1 (one) year. The maximum period allowed for taking studies/courses and/or performing work during the stay may not exceed 6 (six) months.

Each annual edition of the Programme starts on the 1st of January.

The benefits of the Programme

It is an interesting opportunity and chance for an unforgettable adventure for young people, offering an opportunity to stay in Poland for the maximum of 1 (one) year. In the mentioned timeframes, the participants are allowed to perform work; however, the main purpose of their stay is supposed to be of a touristic nature and is dedicated in particular for learning about the culture and lifestyle of Poland.

Requirements for applicants to the Programme

Applicants for the Programme have to meet certain requirements; in particular they:

  • satisfy all the criteria set out in the immigration legislation and policies;
  • have reached the age of 18 years, and are not more than 31 years old, on the date the application is submitted;
  • have no accompanying dependents;
  • possess a Taiwanese passport valid at least 15 months;
  • have a valid return ticket or sufficient resources to purchase one (at least 20 000 NTD) as well as are in possession of sufficient financial resources for their needs at the beginning of their stay (at least 18 600 NTD per month);
  • have purchased all-risk insurance including all medical costs and hospitalization (at least 30 000 EUR), for the full duration of their stay;
  • have a sufficient knowledge of English; and
  • provide a travel plan written in English.