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"The Most Beautiful Polish Books" - an exhibition


From January 17 to March 19, 2023, the Not Just Library (Taiwan Design Museum) hosted the exhibition The Most Beautiful Polish Books. It was organized by the Taiwan Research Design Institute in cooperation with the Polish Association of Book Publishers (Polskie Towarzystwo Wydawców Książek) and with the support of the Polish Office in Taipei.

The Most Beautiful Polish Books

The exhibition presents the books that have been awarded and distinguished during the 62nd edition of The Most Beautiful Polish Books 2021 competition, organized by the Polish Association of Book Publishers since 1957. Displayed are also the results of The Most Beautiful Book Covers by Stanislaw Lem competition organized by PABP and the University Library of Warsaw to mark the 100th anniversary of writer’s birth.

Exhibition’s curators are: Sasson Kung — European graphic design expert, and Jessie Chen — publisher of graphic design magazine ‘Circle’.

Thanks to the support of the Polish Office in Taipei, the exhibition also featured:

  • workshops conducted by Polish illustrator Piotr Socha,
  • online meeting with The Most Beautiful Polish Books competition commissioner and designer Magdalena Frankowska.


On March 14, at the invitation of the Polish Office in Taipei and the Taiwan Design Museum, a formal curatorial tour of the exhibition for representatives of publishers, designers and the book fairs was held. In his speech, the director of the Polish Office in Taipei, Cyryl Kozaczewski, emphasized the Polish achievements in the field of book illustration and graphic design. At the same time, he encouraged to visit the Captains of Illustration exhibition held in Taichung. Whereas the curators of the exhibition, Jessie Chen and Sasson Kung, drew attention to the many different dimensions of excellent graphic design and editorial craftsmanship presented at the exhibition, such as: selection of typography, illustrations or photos. They also drew attention to the selection of paper, sensory elements and to the functionality (the weight of the book ).

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