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Sandimen Exhibition on Polish Children Rights


On April 30 in Sandimen, Bartosz Ryś, the Acting Head of the Polish Office in Taipei, and Cemelesai Ljaljege'an, the Head of the Indigenous Sandimen Township, opened the exhibition entitled "Polish Children’s Rights".


The main topics of the exhibition were the history of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Poland's participation in its ratification, as well as the legacy of Janusz Korczak, the creator of the original system of working with children. The exhibition was organized in cooperation with the Polish Office in Taipei and the Office of the Indigenous Sandimen Township. This was the first event organized in cooperation with the local government of the indigenous peoples of Taiwan. During the opening ceremony, the participants had the opportunity to enjoy the traditional songs of Rukai and Paiwan indigenous groups performed by a choir of students from Qingye Elementary School. The exhibition will last until June 19 in the beautifully situated Cultural Center in Sandimen, built in a traditional Paiwan and Rukai style.

Since 2016, the Polish Office in Taipei in cooperation with local institutions, has been organizing exhibitions and events to promote children's rights in Taiwan. We have cooperated with the National Library, the Kaohsiung Library, the National Museum of Human Rights and elementary schools. The 2016 conference on children's rights organized was attended by distinguished guests, including the then ombudsman for children's rights, Mr. Marek Michalak.