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Conclusion of the exhibition "Captains of Illustration from Poland" in Taiwan


In 2023, the exhibition of Polish children's illustration was presented in Taipei, Taichung, Su’ao, Toucheng, Yilan, Taoyuan, and Kaohsiung.

"Captains" in Kaohsiung

Following this year's Taipei International Book Exhibition, at the initiative and with the involvement of the Polish Office, the exhibition "Captains of Illustration from Poland" was made accessible to a wider audience in several urban centers in Taiwan. From March to early December, it was showcased in libraries across many cities and smaller towns on the island: Taichung, Su’ao, Toucheng, Yilan, Taoyuan, and Kaohsiung. The office ensured the organization and transportation of the exhibition in Taiwan.

The exhibition received significant interest from both younger and older audiences. Libraries organized accompanying events related to the promotion of reading among the youngest, encouraging shared reading, and promoting Polish culture and children's literature. With the support of the Polish Office in Taipei, the Public Library in Taoyuan organized online workshops with illustrator Piotr Socha in September.

The exhibition "Captains of Illustration from Poland," prepared by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in collaboration with curator Dr. Jacek Friedrich, showcases historical works of Polish book illustrators for children juxtaposed with the creations of young artists who continue the tradition of Polish illustration. Representing the contemporary generation of illustrators are Krystyna Lipka-Sztarbałło, Jan Bajtlik, Monika Hanulak, Marianna Oklejak, Ola Cieślak, Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielińscy, and Piotr Socha.

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