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Chopin Recital in Taipei


The second outdoor recital of Frédéric Chopin’s masterpieces, performed by Dr. Kamil Tokarski on the occasion of the Polish Independence Day, ended with a standing ovation. The recital was organised by the Polish Office in Taipei in cooperation with the Taipei City Government.

Chopin Outdoor Piano Recital in Taipei

The audience of about 800 people was captivated by the excellent performance of Dr. Kamil Tokarski, who prepared an exceptional repertoire consisting of the most beautiful works of the Polish composer. The performance was accompanied by a spoken commentary of Zoe Hwang (radio journalist) and Olimpia Kot-Giletycz (expert in public and cultural diplomacy) on the life and work of one of Poland's greatest pianists.

A special address was given by the Acting Head of the Polish Office in Taipei Bartosz Ryś who spoke about the importance of Frederic Chopin for Polish culture. "We are glad to have brought the works of Frédéric Chopin and the atmosphere of the Chopin concerts in the Royal Łazienki Park, which are among the most beautiful Polish traditions, to the Taiwanese audience" - said Bartosz Ryś.

The Polish Office in Taipei also carried out a number of promotional activities, including a video recording with a special invitation from Dr. Kamil Tokarski for the Taiwanese and Polish audience (linkand interviews with popular local media – Storm Media (link), International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) (link).


Video: Robert Mrozowski (Biuro Polskie w Tajpej),