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Announcement on the auction concerning selected pieces of furniture used by the Office


Polish Office in Taipei invites everyone to take part in an oral auction of its assets organized on Monday 30/03/2020 at 12:00 in the Office.

Armchair for auction

Subject of the auction is:





Purchase date

Starting price (NTD)

Deposit (NTD)


Sofa bed, 3-seater, light beige





Armchair, light grey






1. The oral auction is organized by the Office.

2. The auction will be conducted by a Commission appointed by the acting Head of Office.

3. Prior to the auction items may be displayed for buyers to assess their condition upon appointment and during business hours.

4. The highest offered price wins.

5. The Auction Commission will reject an offer submitted outside the designated time and place of the auction or not in accordance with the conditions set. The bidder will be informed immediately in case of rejection.

6. The bidder submits a declaration that he has familiarized himself with the bidding terms, condition of the item and that he has no objections.

7. Before the auction begins, bidders must pay a deposit of 10% of the starting price of the item.

8. The bid bond paid by the purchaser is counted towards the price.

9. The bid bond is not refundable if the successful bidder refuses to conclude the sale contract.

10. The bid bonds submitted by bidders whose offers have not been selected or have been rejected, will be returned by the seller within 7 days from the date of the auction based on the sale contract.

11. Payment for the item must be made within 7 days from the date auction on the basis of the sale contract.

12. The buyer bears any additional costs, fees and taxes.

13. Items put up for sale are the property of the Office, are free from legal defects, are not encumbered with rights of third parties and no proceedings are pending against them.

14. The oral auction is conducted in accordance with the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of October 22, 2019 on the detailed method of managing certain components of the Treasury assets.

15. The Office reserves the right to close an auction without selecting any of the offers without giving a reason.

16. The written bid for the auction purpose should contain: name, surname and address or company’s name and seat of the bidder, the offered price and terms of payment as well as the bidder's statement that he has become acquainted with the state of the subject of the auction or that he is responsible for the consequences of cancellation.

You will find pictures of items in the gallery below.

NOTE: Furniture is sold without any decorative objects / posters / books / flowers / pots, etc. visible in the pictures.

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