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Authentication of a trusted profile on the ePUAP platform

Where to apply?

You can authenticate your trusted profile on the ePUAP platform at a Polish consular office of your choice.

Do I have to submit the documents personally?

To create a trusted profile on the ePUAP platform, set up an account on the ePUAP platform and file an application to have your trusted profile authenticated.

You will have 14 days to authenticate your personal data in person at a Polish consular office of your choice.

If you fail to authenticate your trusted profile within 14 days, log on to the trusted profile website and reapply.

How to book an appointment?

You can book your appointment via the e-konsulat system/by phone on XXX.

What documents do I need to submit?

Documents to bring to your appointment at the consular office:

  • application for a trusted profile authentication printed from the ePUAP platform,
  • a valid identity document.

Please note! The names and surnames provided in the application should follow the rules of Polish spelling. For example, if you file an application without Polish diacritics in your name or surname, it will be impossible to verify the data provided with those featuring in the PESEL register.

How much does it cost?

Authentication of a trusted profile on the ePUAP platform is free of charge.

What is the waiting time?

Trusted profile should be authenticated during your appointment at the consular office.

Frequently asked questions

What is the ePUAP platform?
The ePUAP platform offers a number of online services provided by Polish public administration (e.g. relating to taxes, citizenship, employment, agriculture, health, education or conducting business activity in Poland). You can also use the ePUAP platform to apply for a new identity card.

How long is the trusted profile valid?
Three years. Afterwards, you can extend its validity by another three years.